Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fireworks for the 4th of July

In our school, the kids are getting ready for Independence Day by making a few kid-friendly fireworks. Our Pre-K Summer Camp kids started by drawing the fireworks with a white crayon, then traced with glue and sprinkled with glitter.

Our younger 3 year old class dipped Koosh Balls in paint and printed fireworks. They added a little glitter to make it sparkle!

I'm heading to the beach soon where we'll see some fireworks of our own. Happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Western Adventure in a Toddler Class

I've been working in the front office for the last couple of weeks, which has allowed me multiple opportunities each day to visit all the classrooms in our center. Our older two year olds are having a lot of fun with their western theme. Most of the projects are done in small increments over time. I have really enjoyed watching these projects evolve. They are also making "WANTED" posters that I plan to feature in a later post.)

The teachers got these cool cardboard hats from Oriental Trading Company. The kids colored and decorated with western stickers.

One of the teachers obtained a large box (you know how excited we early childhood teachers get finding a big box!;).  The fun began with a little painting...

The teachers helped add a few details and cut the head and neck from the side pieces.

The kids got to make the mane and tail with some yarn and glue.

Pretty soon, they'll be ready to ride! (A small stool will be used for the children to sit on to "ride" the horse.)

I can't wait for tomorrow, when all the little cowpokes come to school!

Yee Haw, Y'all!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Kid Made Bulletin Boards

Our school has a summer camp program to accommodate our school age children. When preparing the classroom for the kids, they simply put up blank bulletin board paper for the kids to make their own bulletin boards. The overall class theme this summer is outer space. The bulletin board the kids painted is pretty out of this world!

For Memorial Day, they painted this AWESOME American flag. The room is enormous and they have these wonderful vaulted ceilings. You probably can't tell from the picture, but this flag is about 4 feet x 6 feet. (Please forgive the balloon partially blocking the shot, the kids were having a contest with balloons when I went in to take the picture and one wandered into the shot.)

The kids have been learning about zoo animals in preparation for their big field trip to the zoo next week. This is the bulletin board they painted of the zoo.

Even the smallest kids can help make the bulletin boards for their class. I love this handprint flag our one year class made for Memorial Day.

This one is so cool. I bet the one year olds had a blast walking through all this paint! There were a few little spots worn thin, but it came out so cute!

You can almost see the outline of one stray foot here.

I think these are just as cute as the boards we teachers spend hours creating, then completely covering up. I think when school starts, we will be doing a lot more kid made bulletin boards!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Father's Day Ideas from Around the Blogosphere

Since we're out for the summer, I don't have any Father's Day crafts planned this year. I thought I would share some of the great ideas I've seen posted recently, in case anyone needed a little inspiration.

Gift/Craft ideas:
This Duct Tape Picture Frame from Teach Preschool is such a simple idea, even younger kids can make this. Be sure to check out the links at the bottom for a few more ideas.

I love this keychain from Brick by Brick.

One of my favorite ideas is this BBQ sauce idea from The SEEDS Network:

This footprint bookmark is very cute, looks easy to do and is also from The SEEDS Network:

 Kiboomu has a post, Kid-Made Father's Day Gifts, with several different ideas to choose from.

This clipboard from AlphaMom would be a great way to preserve a masterpiece.

Baking for Dad is a sure fire way to show the love. Check out these Cookie Gift Cans from Pre-K Pages.

This Father's Day Wordle Gift , also from Pre-K Pages, would be a handsome addition to Dad's office.

Card ideas:
I love this Kid-Made Father's Day Tie Card from Kiboomu.

I love this Father's Day Toolbox Card from Brilliant Beginnings Preschool 

There are several ideas you can use for Father's Day cards in the post, Father's Day Handprint and Footprint Crafts from Handprint and Footprint Art.

I also encourage you to take a moment to be mindful of your students who maybe only have one parent. Aunt Annie's Childcare has a great post, Thoughts on Mothers' Day about talking with families who have only one parent about how they handle such specific holidays.

A few good reads for Father's Day:
Celebrating Father's Day: Father's Day is for Special People I Love My Daddy Daddy Hugs (Classic Board Book) A Father's Day Thank You A Perfect Father's Day Kevin and His Dad My Daddy and Me Because Your Daddy Loves You

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

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