Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Bulletin Boards

As I've stated before, almost all of our boards end up covered in student work. As soon as we change the board background, we start posting new work. Student work is rotated, nothing more than 30 days old is displayed. While every teacher wants cute bulletin boards, there really is no sense in making really elaborate boards, since they are covered so quickly.

This board is the one board that doesn't get completely covered. We try to feature each student in some way---they are the "reindeer" here!

A couple of close ups on our adorable reindeer:

These are our holiday bulletin board backgrounds this year.

The children do help with these, too. For instance, the buttons on the snowman are cut from paintings the kids did. They sprinkled all the glitter on the mittens and crumpled and glued the tissue to the hat.

I am very fortunate to have a great assistant who enjoys developing and putting these boards together!


  1. The reindeer craft is the perfect #Christmas keepsake or diy gift. I love the red pom pom as Rudolph's red nose! :) I am pinning this to my Learning Activities on Reindeers Pinterest board. Thanks for the crafty inspiration. I stopped by via How Wee Learn's FB share BTW.

  2. Thanks for offering a big variety of #ThanksgivingDay activities for kids. I really like the turkey song - "Turkey on the Farm" and the printable music sheet! This is perfect for #homeschooling preschoolers.


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