Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back To School Bulletin Boards...Redux!

We are getting ready for a new school year, and teachers have been working themselves silly getting their rooms ready for the new classes. I've had the pleasure to peek at some of their bulletin boards and thought I'd share some here today.

(note: Each class in our center has a "color bear" designation for example: Green Bears, Yellow Bears, Red Bears, etc.)

Welcome/Class List  Bulletin Boards

 Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Boards!

 And A Few More!

 A close up of the ship and portholes!

Birthday Bulletin Boards

Art Display Boards

Parent Information Boards

Other Great Boards

Writing Display Board

Family Pictures Display

 Meet The Teachers

 Character Education/Rules

Center Boards

I was filling in at one of our other Preschools this summer, and this bulletin board was in the lobby. I love the idea of a central place to share special pictures and news for the entire Center!

Looking for even more great bulletin board ideas? Stop by Rainbows Within Reach and check out Debbie's collection of bulletin boards!

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  1. Hi Ayn -

    I'm pinning my favorite to send people here; what a spectacular collection of boards you have. Your kids are going to be in visual heaven!

    The Corner On Character

    1. Thank you, Barbara! I work with so really creative folks! I love to see what everyone is going on in their classrooms! (Did you see the one about character ed? ;)

  2. Wow Ayn, some great looking boards there.

  3. Hi Ayn! This is Maria from . All these boards are BEAUTIFUL!!! I couldn't help sharing a couple on my page with a link to redirect my fans to your blog. :)


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