Saturday, June 23, 2012

Drama Camp Production

Most of what I post here are things I do with my preschool class. Today, I'm posting as a mom and sharing some of my daughter's summer adventures.

 One of our local high schools has a phenomenal drama program. A few years ago, they started a week long drama camp called "Next Stop Broadway" for kids in first through ninth grade. In this week long camp, the high school kids teach the campers all aspects of the theater, from acting to props to make up to planning and putting on a finale production. My daughter has been going for years and this is her last year as a camper. Next year, she'll be eligible to be a counselor. Every year, I am in awe at the director/drama teacher, Mr. Steve Hansen's ability to round up this group of kids and help them put on a production from the ground up, in just a week. 

This year, they put on a production of Disney's "Cinderella Kids". I'm hoping video of that will be posted soon. Here's the music video they made to Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe". I think they did a fantastic job and it looks like everyone was having a lot of fun!

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Thursday, June 7, 2012
Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Gift for Dad, A Book To Share and A Blog Hop!

I'm thrilled to participate this month in the Preschool Blogger Network's "Father's Day Book and Activity" Blog Hop

I am always stumped for good ideas for gifts kids can make for Father's Day. I came up with this simple pencil can that is so easy for kids to make and can be decorated for any theme or interest. 

First, wash a empty can from the recycling bin. Soup and vegetable cans are the perfect size for this. If you are worried about the top edge, simply place a strip of duct tape over the lip to cover the edges. Glue craft sticks to the can until the surface is completely covered. (Be careful to make sure the sticks are aligned with the bottom of the can or it won't sit level.)

After letting glue dry, paint and decorate to suit Dad's interests. My husband has an affinity for sailing, so we made our can with a little sailing scene with a banner plane that pulls a banner that says "Dad".  We used foam stickers for embellishments. 

Another thing I like about this project is that it is easily adapted for any person or occasion. If a student does not have a father, or a father figure, it can be decorated for Mom or Grandma. I take note of those situations at the beginning of the year and ask the family how they want to handle it. Often, there is a grandfather, uncle or other father figure in the picture. If this is the case, you may want to read a book about non-typical families. I've heard really good things about the book "Love is a Family" by Roma Downey from Touched By An Angel

There are tons of good children's books out there about Dads. My favorite is "Kevin and His Dad" by Irene Smalls. Dad and Kevin spend the day together doing chores and enjoying their time together. I love that the focus is on finding the joy together in simple, everyday activities! 

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Father's Day Ideas Coming Soon.....

Stay tuned tomorrow for some great Father's Day books and activity ideas in our "Father's Day Blog Hop", brought to you by members of the Preschool Blogger Network! If you've got a great idea to share, stop by and add it to our Blog Hop! 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Pigeon Wants A Puppy!

After reading "The Pigeon Wants A Puppy" by Mo Willems, one of the students in our Pre-K program drew the cute picture retell (above) of the story. I was quite impressed!

Mo Willems is one of our (teachers and students) favorite authors and illustrators. We love that his characters in the pigeon series are simply drawn. Mr. Willems has a webpage called where you can find links to book information, fun, games, merchandise and his blog, Mo Willems Doodles! Stop by and check it out. 

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