Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Remembering Mom on Her Special Day

I hadn't planned to do much with my students for Mother's Day this year. Not that I haven't been thinking about it, but we are down to the final stretch---the last several days of school and we seem to have activities, field trips, activity days, etc. going on every day. But then I read Amy Wruble's post on Huff Post Parents "Let's Move Mother's Day" (check out the post, it's pretty funny and may hit home if you have one of those spouses that doesn't go all out for Mother's Day :) and remembered those little trinkets my kids made for me when they were small and in preschool. I know that now that my kids are much older, I won't get those anymore. And I can't bear to rob the moms of my students even just one of those precious keepsakes. I'm still finalizing our plan, and can't share it or it will spoil the surprise, but I saw this idea in our three year old class and knew I had to share it with you here. 

Mother's Day Corsages
They used 3 coffee filters, each scrunched together in the middle and each end dipped in watercolor paint. After drying, they were wrapped together with a chenille stem folded in half and poked through a lace doily. I would be proud to wear one of these corsages on Mother's Day! 

Last year, we made these little votives for our gift for Mom. Read more here.

If your are looking for some good books for Mother's Day, here are a few of my favorites:

I wish all the Moms, Grandmas and "Mom figures" (babysitters, aunts, teachers, etc.) a wonderful and very Happy Mother's Day!!! 
I'd love to know---what was YOUR favorite "priceless" gift for Mother's Day? Share it here in the comments!

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