Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Bulletin Boards

We've got some really great bulletin boards this spring in our school, so I thought I would share them in case anyone needs a little inspiration.

This board for Earth Day is in its beginning stages. I'm sure this will be a work on progress as Earth Day (April 22nd) approaches.

A few sunflower window decorations made from paper plates...

I love this simple illustration of the cycle from seed to plant.

This is one of my favorite bulletin boards of all times, illustrating various life cycles.

This was our Spring board last year. It was so cute, and the parents loved it! After we took it down, we added the bunny ears pictures to our yearbook pages, so the parents could treasure their little "bunnies" forever!

 I'm so thankful to have wonderful co-workers who allow me to come in and gather inspiration from their classrooms. I love sharing the ideas I see in their classrooms with you here on little illuminations!

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  1. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas. I really enjoy looking around your blog.

    1. Thanks, Mrs. H! Many of these are actually my co-workers. I love to visit other classes for inspiration! :)

  2. Hello -
    I was wondering what the brown paper bags are hanging above the "Seed to Plant" cycle board?

    1. Hi Meli- I believe they are the bottom half of little hot air balloons. It was a separate project, not related to the board. Hope that helps! :)

  3. Hi, i was searching a science project for my 1st grader for his science fair and came across your site, i like the presentation of "life cycle from seed to plant", i am definitely going to do this with him.Thank you for sharing.


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