Sunday, April 25, 2010

Location, Location, Location..... a Wee World Update

When we started Wee World, I wasn't sure how it would be received. I originally placed it in a sunny location where it could easily be supervised. We used our empty flowerbed as the prime real estate for Wee World. I knew that if the kids were still interested in playing there by spring that I would have to move it. I thought that it might be a fleeting interest, so I really didn't worry, but the interest has continued and is frequented by at least a few players each day.

With the arrival of warmer weather recently and Earth Day this week, it was apparent that if we planned to start our garden, we would have to either move Wee World or pack it up. I gave the friends a choice and they voted to find a new location. First, we "scouted a location". We have a little shady area on a hill in the corner of the playground. It stays cool and grass doesn't really grow there. We picked a spot in between 3 little trees.

The friends had fun moving all the rock walls and houses, then getting everything all set up.

I am really enjoying this new element of imaginative play. Often when the friends are playing indoors, with Legos for instance, they are limited on their movement and noise level. An airplane can only zoom so far and with limited noise. In Wee World, the kids are free to have the airplane zoom as loud and far as they wish. It's kind of ironic that while for some, it has provided an outlet for some more boisterous play than our indoor classroom environment allows, but for others, it is a quieter spot to play.


 Another advantage to this new location is added space. In our garden area, the kids sat on the outside and had to reach in to play. Now several children can fit inside the boundaries and play comfortably without crowding.

We were able to start our flowerbeds this week and spent the week cleaning out the bed (the friends had transported lots of sand and rocks into Wee World) and getting it ready for planting.  I am extremely challenged when it comes to flowers and plants,so the garden doesn't stand a chance, but I try every year. We planted a ton of seeds, so hopefully something will grow!

I think as the days grow warmer, the respite of a cool shady place to play will draw more interest. I can't wait to see some of the imaginative scenes they come up with!


  1. I love watching how it is all developing - kids use their imaginations in ways we would never come up with don't they? I think thats half the fun of being a teacher - watching the amazing directions their play goes in and then trying to keep up with them by adding resources, a comment, an interaction, a book. So much fun! (Is that your play area? It looks so lovely and big and green).

  2. It's a good thing you have such a large area of space up on the hill under the trees Ayn I've got a feeling "wee world" might just spread out a little, it's in such an inviting position up there. Perhaps a couple of wee villages" will pop up near by. Now that would be irresistible!
    Donna :) :)

  3. Jenny~ our play area adjoins this and is half sand and half grass with a concrete pad for trikes and such. We have a fairly large area. This area is usually only permissible when accompanied by a teacher. You are right-it's fun to watch the interactions and developments!

    Donna~ It is inviting! We do have to be careful because there are woods right next to the fence and since we are in Georgia, we have to watch for critters. As for growth, you may be on to something. The other Pre-K class comes to play with us there often. I'll bet they make their own version next year!


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