Sunday, October 3, 2010

An Apple A Day (part 2 )

Last week, I posted some of the apple activities we've done with our apple unit in An Apple A Day (part 1).
Along with the usual art and science lessons that we do, we manage to work lots of math and literacy practice in with our apple unit.I asked each student to tell me one thing about an apple and together we wrote a chart story.

We played a math game with large apple die cuts.  We rolled a die and placed the corresponding number of pipe cleaner "worms" on the apple. After we'd each had a few turns rolling, we counted and compared the number of worms on our apples.

I had these cool worksheets from The Virtual Vine, but since we don't do any worksheets anymore, I am trying to re-purpose some of the great worksheets I have on hand already. I put each page in a page protector and the students placed beans on the apple to represent seeds. After the first group tried this, one of the friends asked if they could use some of the acorns we'd collected from the playground.

We sequenced the life cycle of an apple.

We also made a book and illustrated it ourselves!

Feel free to share your apple links and ideas in the comments!


  1. Some fun apple ideas. But I think my favorite is reading the chart with the kids' comments. I love to read (and write) what kids are thinking.

  2. Thanks, Scott! I love when we do chart stories because their little responses always crack me up!


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