Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving... Our Thanksgiving Book

When my youngest daughter was in kindergarten, her class frequently made Kinderlit books. I loved the idea, but things like this have never been in our budget. I decided a few years ago to make our own version, using some of the art projects we already do and tailor them for the book pages.

We traced our hands and colored them to resemble turkeys for the cover.

We made little Mayflower boats for the first page.

We made wigwams from construction paper and paper towels for the second page. This was great fine motor practice using our cutting and tearing skills.
Log cabins are fun to make using construction paper shapes and craft sticks.

We made indian corn by painting with bubble wrap. This was a lot of fun for the kids to do and even more fun for me to watch. Some of the kids painted each bubble separately, some painted sections with different fall colors and others just slathered on the paint. No matter which process they used, the corn looked great and was a wonderful tactile experience! We added a little "vanilla" (manilla) paper fringe for the husk.

Since the last page talked about the feast, we cut out pictures of scrumptious meals from magazines.

We made our books over a period of about 2 weeks and read them as a class at circle time. Our last reading was shortly before our big Thanksgiving feast with our families, then sent them home to enjoy for the holiday!


  1. This is a wonderful book Ayn. I think the log cabin is my favorite page:)

  2. Thanks! We took our time and did a page/process a day. They love to have books to take home since we keep so much of their work for portfolios!


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