Saturday, January 29, 2011

Polar Pal Snacks

We've been learning about polar pals this week and have had some fun food/snack activities. You may remember last year's post about the penguin cookie snacks we made. The kids enjoyed them so much that one of my little friends surprised me and brought in the ingredients to make them a second time! I was so tickled that they enjoyed them so much that I wrote Oreo Cookie Penguins Again?!!. Obviously, when I planned the unit for this year, I HAD to include this activity since it was such a hit! Here is this year's version:

We also made some polar bear cookies I saw posted somewhere (and couldn't find to get directions). We winged it and had a lot of fun making these. The pictures I remember seeing of these were pretty perfect, but our little hands are not adept at perfectly frosting the cookies yet. In fact, some of these came out looking more like mice that polar bears. Regardless, they were as fun to make as they were yummy in our tummies!

One of my AWESOME parents sent in smoked salmon and crackers for us to try. We've talked a lot about salmon and read several stories about this interesting fish. I was surprised at how many of the kids enjoyed it and wanted a second and third sampling! One of my little guys said, "hmmm...I think it must be pretty good, cuz it smells like bacon!". Their little observations are so astute sometimes!


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