Friday, February 18, 2011

Guest Reader

We had a very special guest today..... a student from last year's Pre-K class came to read to my class! I was so proud that in a few short months in kindergarten she's learned to read an entire book with enough fluency to hold the attention of squirmy 4 and 5 year olds for an entire book. She choose the book Tiptoe Into Kindergarten by Jacqueline Rogers. (Appropriate, too!)

It was such a special experience for me to have her share her new skills ~ I was beaming with pride!

Thank you, Courtney, for coming to read to us!

Tiptoe Into Kindergarten


  1. How wonderful! I love it when I get to see my students from prior years! I always love seeing how much they have grown.

  2. What a great blog! I got to your site from 'Getting Messy with Miss Jessi'. I teach grades k-5 but I taught pre-k art a while ago as well and I miss the little guys, they're so cute!

  3. Hi I am a new follower from the Mommy Perks Link up!


  4. Thank you Ms. Ayn

    You guided us through building a solid foundation that has enabled Courtney to excel.

    Courtney's Dad.


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