Sunday, July 3, 2011

At Play At The Beach

Today was the first full day of our family beach vacation. 14 kids, 7 families, one house and a week full of fun. I know by Friday there will be squabbles, but today everyone got along and spent the day working together for a common goal. The kids started early this morning digging holes and building with sand.

The kids worked relentlessly all day on this structure, even knowing that tonight the tide would come in and it would probably all be washed away by morning. As they were building, creating and working together, I was reminded of a post by zella said purple, "Be That Teacher". There were no rules, no set materials ~ it was all children's choice. There was no telling what they would create left to their own devices.

No fort would be complete with out a tv!

They dug most of the day, taking turns with several beach shovels.

Little tableaux of sea glass, shells, rocks and random items were strategically placed throughout.

As the day wore on, the trenches got deeper.

After dinner, we went back out. The tide was getting closer. Eventually, the tide overtook the trenches and began to fill them. Instead of being sad that a full day's work was being washed away right before their eyes, the kids delighted in jumping in to splash around in their own little hand made tide pool.

This has been an awesome day, filled with creativity, ingenuity and teamwork. Little kids and big kids working together toward a common goal~ even if no one really knew what that goal was. This was as much fun for the adults to observe as it was for the kids to build. I can't wait to see what they build, create or dream tomorrow!


  1. You are remarkable. All teachers (and Moms) should be required to take a course lead by you.

    Love you to bits-

    Tara Wood


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