Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Great Bear Hunt of 2011 and S'more Bear-y Fun Adventures!

Our bears and camping unit is so much fun that it's one of the few we do for more than a week. We were bustling with activity all last week!  We went on a nature walk and collected items we found.

The next day, we glued the things we'd collected onto paper plates (with the middle cut out) to make nature wreaths.

Have you played "Button, Button, Who's Got The Button?" lately? We have!

We brought our own lunch to school had a picnic lunch outside. (This is a REALLY big deal, since we eat "family style". Many of our brothers and sisters are going to "big kid school" and get to take their lunches in really cool lunch boxes. So you see, this was a real treat!)

We had our "Great Bear Hunt of 2011". We actually had several over the two weeks, because they were so much fun that the kids kept requesting them ~~~ and the exercise was great!



We patterned with Honeycomb cereal, Teddy Grahams and Goldfish throughout the week, which made for some tasty snacks!

The kids brought some great items for show and tell: flashlights, lanterns, first aid kits, a compass and even a toy cooler!

In small groups, we played a little game called "10 in the Bed". We rolled the dice and added or subtracted bears from the "bed".

Another small group activity was making shapes with mini-marshmallows and toothpicks. This was a great skill review for shapes, worked our fine motor skills and eye hand coordination and also allowed for a lot of individual creativity at the same time.

The highlight of our week was our pajama party camp out and making s'mores.  (There's nothing better than a day when it's perfectly acceptable to wear your pajamas to school!) Camping in our pj's was lots of fun!

Making the s'mores was almost as much fun as eating them!


  1. Ayn, You have an amazing talent! Your last two posts have me envying not just you but also the children. There are loads of activities and ideas that I can pick up from and each one so much fun with tons of learning. I am so glad I stopped by just for liesurely reading :) !


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