Saturday, August 25, 2012

Making Literacy Connections With Our Names

One of the ways I help students make literacy connections is helping them get to know their own names, as well of those of their class mates. This chart is so easy, and I let the kids help out with  making it, then display it all year at eye level. 

I give each student a piece of paper with their picture and name on it, with the first letter highlighted in a different color. I go through each letter of the alphabet and ask, "Does anyone have a name that starts with 'a'? I ask all the students with "a" to come forward and paste their name next to a large letter "A".  We continue through the alphabet until everyone has had a turn to put their name on the chart.

I find that the students often refer to the chart as the year progresses, comparing letters and checking the spelling of friends' names. I occasionally come up with little games and activities using the chart, as well.

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  1. Hello, Ayn!!
    I´m from Brazil and just found your blog in the internet!!
    So good to see that here in Brazil, preschool teachers are connected to you there in USA!!
    Amazing idea...this big chart where the kid is invited to paste his name is fantastic!!!
    I´ll visit the others pages, this still is the first!! Definitely, I´ll find many others wondeful ideas here...
    I hope we can exchange informations about brazilian and american preschool realities... this probably will be very interesting!
    Renata - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

    1. Welcome, Renata! I look forward to hearing more from you! It is pretty amazing to be able to connect teachers here in the USA with teachers there in Brazil! :)

  2. Great idea, Ayn!! I think I will try this (we start school this coming week!)

    1. Hi Laura! Hope your first week back goes smoothly! I am always as excited as the kids (if not even more) the first week!

  3. Hello:
    What is this blog font is it?
    I really like this font.
    Thank you


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