Thursday, February 21, 2013

Battleship: Things You Can Do With A Peg Board

This morning, two of the big kids were playing a game of Battleship. Here's the rub---we don't have the game! They improvised a pegboard set, quite ingeniously, I might add! 

Watching them play, it made me reflect back to seeing kids play with the very same manipulatives in a different setting (an elementary school) years ago and hearing the teacher scold the children for using the materials inappropriately. "That is NOT what you are supposed to do with those!" she said sternly. It makes me wonder what those kids may have come up with had they been allowed to explore creatively with the materials. I hope the times have changed and children in that setting are allowed to explore a little more freely. These boys were not playing rough, although they did get a little loud when one of them would exuberantly exclaim "HIT ! ", but that was part of the fun they were having! 

I'm glad that I could bear witness to this burst of creativity before they headed off to school this morning. This was certainly one of the highlights of my day! 

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  1. Play is about exploration! There is no right or wrong. I try to stress that to parents who come to the story time at the library where I work re: to the craft. Some parents still insist on assisting their child making the "perfect" craft. Love your postings!


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