Sunday, April 13, 2014

Golf Is For Kids, Too!

It's Master's week here in Augusta, Georgia!!! Every year, our town hosts one of the biggest golf tournaments worldwide. People come from all over the globe. Local folks rent their homes and take on extra jobs that support the tournament (parking cars, catering house cleaning, driving, etc.). All the schools here close, as we use this week area wide for our Spring Break week. Golf is a BIG business. I have to say that as a kid, I did not fully appreciate what all went into Tournament week.  

Golf is a great game of skill. Children can get into the swing of things by playing miniature golf.  I found these cute carrot golf clubs that we have been playing with. It's been a great way to practice eye hand coordination and gross motor skills! Plus, you can't go wrong with golf clubs that only cost $1!!!

             Picture borrowed from: Christie Dedman The Birmingham News

I have some WONDERFUL families in our program! One of my moms told me about a great children's book, "Badges, Egg Salad and Green Jackets: Masters A to Z"  written by a local author, Julie Alfriend Ferris, about the Masters. When another mom discovered I didn't have a copy, she gave me a signed copy! It is a great way to acquaint children with golf and the Masters Tournament and is beautifully illustrated with watercolor paintings!

These photos don't do the book justice, but here's a little peek at a couple of my favorite pages:

Here's a video of our local news station interviewing the author about the book. If you or your kids are golf fans, I'm sure you'll want your own copy of "Badges, Egg Salad and Green Jackets: Masters A to Z". You may visit   Junebug Print  or like the "Masters A to Z by Julie Alfriend Ferris" page on facebook to learn more! 

Many of our classrooms have incorporated golf into their activities and decor. Here are 2 of the bulletin boards that classes in our school are sporting!

Happy golfing! 


  1. Kids can be golf masters too! And they can do it the fun way. I love the golf clubs! I think that they'll make the golf tournament for kids a lot more fun and exciting!


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