Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oreo Cookie Penguins Again?!!

This morning as my students arrived, one of my little guys stopped to see me on the way to unpack his backpack, and says in a sweet singsong voice, "Mrs. Ayn, we are going to have penguin snacks again toda-ayy!". I gently replied that we would have a lot of fun today and would probably have a cool snack like goldfish today. I said I was so glad he really enjoyed them yesterday, but that was something special and we couldn't do it again today. While I was explaining all this, he was struggling to unzip his backpack by himself and I reached over and helped him get it open. He reached in and pulled out a full package of Oreos and said, "See? I got my mom to give us some Oreos so we can have the penguin snack today!" After which, he threw himself toward me and wrapped his arms around me in a giant bear hug. What teacher in her right mind could refuse that offer? So we made Oreo Penguin snacks again today, and they loved them even better today! Since I polished off the last few circus peanuts yesterday during my planning time, we just used the goldfish we already had for snack (and a full sized Oreo for the head this time). They turned out pretty cute---even cuter than yesterday's penguins!

And my little guy who brought the Oreos to share? This is his penguin---he was so excited that had it completely constructed before anyone else got their Oreo unscrewed!

And a few more pictures of our polar theme.....

A closeup of Ookpik

The paper igloo we made in our dramatic play area. Accommodates 4-5 Eskimo friends comfortably!

Our ice fishing game made from existing classroom materials


  1. My favorite days are the ones when the kids make me change my plans. Whenever I catch myself telling kids, "What a good idea, maybe we can do it tomorrow," I cringe. Tomorrow the opportunity will be lost. It's about their agenda, not mine.

    Looks like you have a lot of fun stuff going on this week!

  2. Haha - I love it - who can refuse a big hug!

  3. I tell my assistant that I'm really not as flighty as I seem, I am just really all about letting the kids help guide instruction. A couple months ago I threw a complete week's worth of plans out the window because the kids became interested cowboys and the wild west. I asked what things they would like to do and wrote another set of plans with the new theme! (I know, a little crazy!) I also can't let a "teachable moment" pass me by if I can help it! =)


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