Sunday, January 10, 2010


Several months ago, I started a website primarily as a way to organize some of the ideas I have found and used over the years. After some technical difficulties, I realized I would have to wait to work on it until summer, when I can devote more time. I have since found several blogs I've been following, and have been inspired! I hope to use this blog as a forum to connect with others in Early Childhood education. Please bear with me as I learn the ins and outs of the blogger's world!

A little about me:
I have been teaching early childhood for about 18 years. I love what I do---it's the best job in the world!!! Where else can you go to work each day and do art, play games have snack and get hugs regularly AND get paid for it?! I love to share ideas with other teachers and see what they are doing in their classrooms.

I teach Pre-K in our state funded lottery Pre-K program, called "Bright From The Start". I have an inclusion class with 20 students, several with special needs. Our program includes a combination of student led and teacher directed activities.


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