Friday, February 19, 2010

Mr. Scruffy Take Home Literacy Kit

Well, Mr. Scruffy returned today from his adventures with one of our kids. Mr. Scruffy is our class mascot and he travels to students' homes via our one of our take home kits. When I wrote the post about my take home kits, Mr. Scruffy was MIA. Mr. Scruffy has all kinds of adventures--he's traveled far and wide. After having Mr. Scruffy for the weekend, parents jot down a few highlights of their time with him. Mr. Scruffy is one of our most popular kits!

Mr. Scruffy Take Home Literacy Kit

Mr. Scruffy making friends at a student's home.

Mr. Scruffy on the swing at a local playground on one of his "weekend journeys"!

Mr. Scruffy eating out with one of our Pre-K families!


  1. I love Mr. Scruffy!

    We have Love Cat at our school who gets to go home with the kids. Love Cat once got to go to Hawaii!

    May favorite part about Love Cat is that one of her ears got chewed up by the baby sister of one of my students. Three years later, that baby got to take Love Cat home with her, chew marks and all!

  2. I love it! I also have a bathtub "Blue" from Blue's Clue's. I've used it for years. The parents have made scarves and all kinds of accessories over the years. When I inherited this classroom, Mr. Scruffy was part of the package. I let the kids vote this year on which to use as our mascot and Mr. Scruffy won. In the words of one of my "big" friends, "Mrs. Ayn, Blue's Clue's is for "little" kids. We're 4 now and need a grown up mascot!" LOL!


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