Friday, February 19, 2010

A Visit From The Tooth Fairy !

A few weeks ago, we had a special visitor come to our school. This special visitor is one that usually children don't get the opportunity to meet, THE TOOTH FAIRY! Now, our Tooth Fairy is not just any old ordinary Tooth Fairy. Our Tooth Fairy comes to our school and teaches our students about proper oral care in a fun, but gentle way. The kids had an awesome time brushing giant teeth on Nemo with a giant toothbrush and pretending to be "teeth" while the Tooth Fairy used a scarf to "floss" them!

We were supposed to have our field trip earlier this month, but our trip got postponed. Dr. Perry very generously rescheduled us. Friday, we visited Southern Smiles Pediatric Dentistry. What an office! We were scheduled to go on a morning with no patients, so we had the full staff to show us around. What an awesome experience for the kids. We split the kids into two groups and half got to do the tour first and half got to experience the waiting room first, just like when they visit the dentist. What a treat! A puzzle area, reading area and play area, along with a gameroom filled with a bank of child appropriate video games!

The group that visited the dentist each got to sit in the chair while the Dental Hygienist practiced everything that would happen during a real visit. The Dental Hygienist used each child's finger as the "tooth" for the practice run. The children got to examine and operate all the tools and instruments. Are you surprised that the water squirter was a favorite?

I was especially tickled that as the hygienists worked, none of the kids realized that the "Tooth Fairy" was sitting there right in front of them! A few of them even told her about the visit she had paid us as the "Tooth Fairy"!

At the end of our visit, each child spun the prize wheel and got to get a prize from Dr. Perry's special toy to remember their visit. The children were sent home with little backpacks filled with toothbrushes, pencils and dental health coloring pages.

I can't say enough about Dr. Perry and all the ladies at Southern Smiles Pediatric Dentistry. They were all so awesome! If you have a child in the Augusta area, please check out Dr. Perry and Southern Smiles Pediatric Dentistry.

THANK YOU SOUTHERN SMILES for making this the end of a very memorable unit on dental health!


  1. We wish we had a Dr. Perry close by!! It sounds like he really loves to work with the community. His Staff seems awesome, especially becoming a Tooth Fairy!! How lucky you are to have such great people in your community.

  2. Thanks, Michelle.
    It's Dr. Amber Perry! (She's the one in the yellow by the prize wheel.) Oops, apparently somehow part of a paragraph got deleted. She was a Pre-K parent last year and I am keeping my fingers crossed to be blessed with her son next year. She's an awesome parent AND an awesome dentist! And yes, we are so very such to be blessed with wonderful folks like this in our community!

  3. wow that is one awesome dentist. What a great experience for your class! You are bringing in many amazing experiences!!


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