Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday's Wisdom

My motto is "Do what you love....Love what you do!". It serves me well and I try to remember on the tough days that I am doing exactly that. Some days, it's tougher than others. Our job description covers a vast array of skills that we must be prepared to utilize. I love the following poem, because it sums up many of the daily duties we must perform, in addition to the all of the actual teaching we do.

I Am A Teacher

by Stacy Bonino

I am a counselor and psychologist to a problem-filled child,
I am a police officer that controls a child gone wild.
I am a travel agent scheduling our trips for the year,
I am a confidante that wipes a crying child's tear.
I am a banker collecting money for a ton of different things,
I am a librarian showing adventures that a storybook brings.
I am a custodian that has to clean certain little messes,
I am a psychic that learns to know all that everybody only guesses.
I am a photographer keeping pictures of a child's yearly growth,
When mother and father are gone for the day, I become both.
I am a doctor that detects when a child is feeling sick,
I am a politician that must know the laws and recognize a trick.
I am a party planner for holidays to celebrate with all,
I am a decorator of a room, filling every wall.
I am a news reporter updating on our nation's current events,
I am a detective solving small mysteries and ending all suspense.
I am a clown and comedian that makes the children laugh,
I am a dietician assuring they have lunch or from mine I give them half.
When we seem to stray from values, I become a preacher,
But I'm proud to have to be these people because ...
I'm proud to say, "I am a teacher."


  1. I like to boast to my family (who are all very creative and talented) that I'm the only PROFESSIONAL artist and singer in the family! It drives them crazy, but it's true! =)


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