Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wednesday's Wit.... from the farm!

Last Friday, I took a group of school age children to a real working horse farm. This is a very special trip that our family of schools takes to a real working horse farm for horseback riding, a picnic and hayride. I usually accompany each group from each of our three schools (6 trips in all). It has become a beloved part of my summer and even though I am "officially" off for the summer, I am escorting the children on this trip again.

I will write a full post with lots of pictures from the farm~ the kids have such an awesome time while they are there and I can't wait to share it. I'll just share a quick anecdote for now.

During our hayride, we made a few stops and got out and saw some of the animals. One little guy (3rd or 4th grade) pointed one of the bigger chickens clucking around us and said, "Hey, you know what his name is?"

I knew none of these chickens had names, but I was game,"What is his name?" he said

"Dinner!" he said matter-of-factly and smiled real big. His little joke and big smile made my day!

Kids, you never know what they will say next! ;)

This was the post that was due yesterday~sorry! I thought I was having internet trouble yesterday, but I saw on the news today that Comcast has been having a lot of problems in our area.I'm returning to the farm tomorrow with a group of preschoolers, so I'll work on getting a post together about the first two trips.


  1. Love it! Guess he has it all figured out! Wonder what insights the preschoolers will give you? : )


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