Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fun in The Sun

When I was a little girl, my parents would pack us up every year to spend a week or two at the beach. Some of our favorite vacations included cousins and aunts and uncles, as well.  My siblings and I have decided to continue the tradition and we all vacation together. It's a fantastic fun filled week with 3 generations sharing one roof. (I'll admit, it's hectic, busy and often not quiet, but still zen in it's own way.) One of the secrets to success is to make sure you have a house big enough to accommodate everyone.

As the resident preschool teacher, I have assumed the role of planning activities to keep the kids busy and have been given the honorary title, "Auntie Ayn, Activities Director". Many of the fun things we do are spontaneous or thought up by the children, but I do plan a few activities for those times when parents need a little break from the beach or the littlest ones need a nap.This year, some of the crafts I brought included decorating pre-made kites to fly afterward, decorating water bottle holders, flashlights, visors and backpacks.

(And apparently there was a manicure activity, as evidenced by this picture!)


We played lots of volleyball, frisbee, catch and kickball. (Our kickball games usually commence at dusk after dinner so my pictures did not come out.)

We did playdough, painting and even some cupcake decorating.

We played on the beach, made sandcastles and jumped the waves.

We watched the fireworks on the Fourth of July and the Dads even set off a few of our own. (The picture makes it look like the kids are right on top of the fireworks, but they are actually a VERY safe distance away.)

One of the highlights of the trip is our scavenger hunt. We hid clues up and down the beach and the kids must find the and decipher them to determine where to go next. There is a treasure chest with lots of goodies in the end!

At the end of our childhood vacations, we would always have to pose for the infamous "FAMILY PORTRAIT". It, too, was a family tradition, so we repeat it, and laugh and joke about how this was torture when we were small.

My daughters, my husband and myself. Our first real family picture in years!

Me and my siblings.

I LOVE my small family! 
I can't wait for next year so we can all be together again. I love seeing how the children have grown and how much they connect when they are together. These are the true blessings in life!


  1. What an amazing tradition. Wish we had the resources to make this happen for my family.


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