Friday, December 3, 2010

Gingerbread Friends

We have read many Gingerbread stories since we started our Gingerbread theme,  and are really enjoying Jan Brett's Gingerbread Friends over and over.

We have also been doing some team building. I planned a couple of  co-operative art experiences to further that end. To coincide with our gingerbread theme, I place a large blank cut out of a gingerbread person on each table. The children were allowed to decorate however they wished, as long as they did it together.

I admit ---  I was loathing, just a little, the thought the glitter would appear, but to my surprise it never did. Once the kids discovered the large buttons, it was the "cool" thing to decorate with!

We added a few foam stickers.

We even made up a couple of impromptu games with our new Gingerbread Friends.

It's a good thing these are made from art materials and not real gingerbread---they're too cute to eat!


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