Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Visit with Miss Bindergarten

 Last year, I signed up to have the Miss Bindergarten doll visit as she traveled around the country. I met Lisa Collins, via the Miss Bindergarten Facebook page, thought it would be fun to send her to various schools and record her adventures on Facebook and in the blog,  Miss B Travels. When I heard we would finally be getting her last year, it was our last week of school and I had to let Lisa know that we wouldn't be able to participate. Lisa let me know that the response had been so positive, that she had decided to send her on more adventures as school as school reconvened in the fall. I admit I was excited as the kids to learn shortly before Thanksgiving that she was on her way. Here's the entry we posted in  her travel journal about her visit with us in Pre-K.

Greetings from Mrs. Ayn's Georgia Pre-K class at Oakbrook Country Day School in Evans, Georgia! In our class! We have 20 students, a lead teacher, Mrs. Ayn and a paraprofessional, Ms. Tiffany. Our town is on the outskirts of Augusta, Ga., home of the Masters golf tournament. People come from all over the world each year to see our town and watch the Masters. Our town is right next to the Georgia/South Carolina border.

We had a great surprise when we returned from our Thanksgiving break. Miss Bindergarten arrived while we were away and was waiting to greet us when we returned to school on Monday.

We enjoyed having her sit with us at circle time while we read about her classroom adventures.

She took turns sitting with each student.

During center time this week, we were able to sit with Miss B and read her books.

Miss B enjoyed visiting with our class mascot, Mr. Scruffy. Mr. Scruffy visits with one of our families each weekend. Mr. Scruffy has a travel journal like Miss B.'s for families to record adventures and pictures. Mr. Scruffy enjoyed hearing all about Miss B.'s travels, but decided that he's still not quite ready to travel that far from home yet.

We have really enjoyed having Miss B visit our class. We love to  read her books and have enjoyed reading her travel journal and looking at all her pictures. She is so AWESOME and we will miss her. Thanks for visiting, Miss B! You are welcome to visit Pre-K anytime!

Our last activity with Miss B was dictating our entry for her travel journal. We packed her up and sent her on her way to Alabama. We can't wait to hear more about her adventures as she travels around the country! We will be following the Miss B Travels blog to see more of her adventures!

Correction: Earlier, this post stated that Lisa Collins was the creator of the Miss Bindergarten Facebook fan page. I believe the creator is Ashley Wolff.


  1. I'm so glad she enjoyed her visit! Thanks so much for having her!

    Much love,


  2. Wow! Love your blog and pics! Creative art, critical thinking and problem-solving! Yes!!! Keep up the awesome work!


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