Thursday, October 6, 2011

Creating a Pre-K Color Wheel

I saw this colorwheel (below) on Preschool Daze, and just knew I HAD to try it!

"C is for Color Wheel" on Preschool Daze

We started 2 weeks ago by painting the background for our color wheel. First, we taped off the sections.

Then, we began to paint. For a couple of days after painting, a few of the kids would want us to "draw the triangles" so they could paint their own individual colorwheels.

We asked each student to bring in a small, recycled item for each color to be added to our color wheel. The kids took turns putting their items on.

As the children took turns gluing their items on, a small crowd gathered and discussed some of the items that were put on.  "This is 'T' for Tennessee. They're the cool team, 'cause they like orange!"

"This eraser is really cool. It's like the one that my brother uses at big kid school."  "Yeah, my blue thing is kind of a hook that holds on to things."

"This is a good place to put things we don't need anymore. And besides, whoever heard of a purple egg, anyways?"

 I could just listen to them forever! They say the funniest things!

We put it on a black background to help it stand out. The kids are still trickling in with things, and we're still adding to it here and there.

I think we might keep this up all year!


  1. I love it Ayn! I am planning to try a color wheel with my new class this year. I love how you used tape to separate the pies - what a great way to do this!

  2. I was HOPING you'd post yours! :) Looks great!! I loved doing this with my class, too-- We made ours a month ago, and I can't bear to take it off the wall!!
    I REALLY like the tape and black background (note to self: remember for next year and the pies will be even)!!! :)

  3. Nice idea. I'm gonna have to do one of these in my class.

  4. Love this idea! So many concepts and skills are covered in a very fun way. Thanks!

  5. Thanks! We're pretty proud of it and very thankful to have seen this idea on Preschool Daze. If anyone makes one, I'd love for you to share your link! :)

  6. I am a new art teacher and I did this with my kindergarten classes-super fun. Thank you for the idea!


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