Monday, October 10, 2011

Just helping a friend

I often get the opportunity to observe children at play and learning to cooperate with each other. Today, one of our girls was playing in dollhouse and some of the boys in block center wanted to use the family vehicle from the dollhouse. A small disagreement began. I hesitated to step in, I just watched for a moment letting the group sort it out themselves. They managed to come to some sort of bargain, so I wandered away.

When I came back to see how they were doing,  the boys had all the dollhouse furniture loaded on all the trucks and big cars they could find. They also managed to have most of the dolls from the dollhouse.  Grace  was busily gathering extra furniture that had been missed and generally giving direction to the boys.

"We're helping Grace move. She wants to move closer to her grandma, so we're using all our cars to move all her stuff!"

"You have to have a big truck to move the kitchen."

"I'm being really careful. You have to be really careful when you move stuff so stuff doesn't get broken."

This was such a great moment to watch.


  1. Oh, I love this! What a wonderful solution, and all their own work!

  2. Nice illustration of learning cooperation. I've seen things like this from some of my students.

  3. Ayn, Sneak a peek at tell others too. I'll be posting preschool materials on Wednesdays.


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