Saturday, November 5, 2011

Monster Mash 2011

We celebrated our imaginations and talked about monsters a couple of weeks ago. We made these "Marvelous Monsters" using some basic shapes of green and black construction paper and a few art materials. 

One of my friends made this cute Frankenstein Monster puppet with odd materials from our "Make A Puppet" box and our "scrap box". The skeleton head was left over from the q-tip skeletons a few friends made a week or two before. 

We sang "5 Little Monsters"  with our monster puppet glove....

and sang along with the great little song, "Monster Spray" from Debbie Clement over at Rainbows Within Reach. Click here to visit the original post on my page to view all the wonderful monster links from the "FREE Monster Linkie Party" hosted by Debbie Clement over at Rainbows Within Reach!


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