Friday, November 18, 2011

Pre-K Turkey Cooking Tips 2011

How To Cook A Turkey: Thanksgiving Tips from Pre-K

Kelan: We eat chicken—my daddy gets it at the farm and he cooks it. There’s an old farm in the woods and it has chicks. He takes a long, long, long time for him to cook it on the grill. We grill outside together when it’s late. You have to put the fire on it. The fire will be burning down like a house. Sometimes you have to put water on it.

Anna: Mama helps me make a turkey. She gets it at the hospital. She cooks it with the animals and the dinosaurs.

Shelby: We don’t ever have turkey. My parents don’t like turkey. Sometimes it’s pork chops or boston butt and in the morning we have bacon. Usually, it’s boston butt!

Hannah: There is something stinky in the bottom to make the turkey----peeeee uuuuuuu! Then it cooks and mommy puts on the frosting. Don’t forget the cinnamon!

Katie: My mom doesn’t cook turkey. I don’t know why she cooks ham. She get is from Food Lion and cooks it for 5. Then she cuts it and bakes the cuts.

Kennedi: Mom cooks it with a spatula and puts it in the stove. Dad cooks it with a spoon then a fork for 30 minutes. He eats it and puts the bones in the trash can.

Maddy: She gets it from the grocery store and puts ham in it. She cooks it at home in the kitchen for 3 hours. Then we take it out and eat it!

Christian: Mommy gets it from the store. We walk there. She fills it with turkey and gets a pumpkin. She cooks it on the kitchen and I sleep. I wake up and Mama says, “It’s done!”

Kate: I get mine from the store and my daddy cooks it. He puts it in a pot for like 5 minutes then my brother and me eat it.

Will: Mommy shoots the turkey and puts it in the oven as hot as it’s supposed to be for 9 minutes. It’s a really long time! She leaves it like it is. That’s it---we just eat it up!

Aadam: We eat chicken. Mommy buys it and makes it. She puts a little bit of sugar on it. She puts it in the pot on the stove for 5 minutes until it gets warm. Then we eat it.

Drew: I buy it from the grocery store. My daddy and mommy cook it. They have a stove to cook on for stuff like that. They have to put meat on it---it’s sorta like hamburger meat. They cook it just like they are supposed to for like, 5 minutes, or something. We bring it to Granny’s and eat it on Thanksgiving Day.

Merry Martha: You get one at the turkey store and Mom and Dad cook it. They cook it in the pan and put salt in the pan. They cook it for 5 minutes in the oven for this many (shows an inch with fingers) hots! Then we eat it at Aunt Lynn’s.

Grace: We didn’t eat turkey for Thanksgiving. We eat regular food from our house. Mommy and Daddy cook it.

Lucas: Mommy and Daddy both cook it. They get stuff like salt and squirt it in there. Put it in the oven for 30 minutes on 45 heat. Then you put hot sauce on it and flatten it out. You can blow on it and eat it. If you eat it all, you will get ice cream and go to sleep. After the rest, you can go to the birthday party at Jump City.

Max: My dad cooks the turkey. He buys it at the store—it’s Food Lion, I think. It gets so, so hot!!! You have to cook it for 37 minutes. We don’t put spices on it because my mom’s on a diet and she wants to eat it, too!

Conner: We don’t have Thanksgiving---we just eat our dinner!

Vaughan: We eat turkey from the store. She cooks it on the stove for 30 minutes.


  1. Love it! So miss the large classes where I'd get such a variety of responses and have the ability to do the "cookbooks" relatively easily/quickly. Oh well, some day maybe that will be my lot again. :-D


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