Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Beach Bummin': Sand Play

We've spent the last week at the beach. It's the time I look forward to all year with my parents, my siblings and their spouses and children (14 adults and 13 children) all in one house. There is always plenty for the kids to do, without having to "entertain" them.  

I love this t-shirt that my nephew wore! It pretty much sums up how we lived and played at the beach.

The kids explored and dug holes in the sand. 

This giant hole became a bunker later, when there was danger of enemy invasion! 

They buried themselves and the uncles. Even the youngest got into the act!

There was a lot of digging and beach mud play.

There was also time for chilling and relaxing in the tidal pools. 

The older kids also spent some time writing in the sand. These are my two favorites!

There was way too much fun to put into one blog post. More highlights of our Beach Blast coming soon!


  1. AC looks so cute buried in the sand. Also, that shirt was funny. We were in the sand a lot....


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