Thursday, July 12, 2012

Beach Bummin': Water Play

While we were at the beach, there was lots to do in the water. The kids were jumping waves, body surfing, riding waves in inner tubes and boogie boarding. 

Even the youngest in our family (Anna Claire, not quite 2 years) had fun. She started on land, climbing in and out of the tube. It would take her forever to climb over, and as soon as she was in, she'd begin to climb back out again.

She soon discovered that riding the waves in the tube was just as much fun as climbing in and out!

Most of the younger kids enjoyed being pulled or pushed through the waves by the adults. 

The big kids loved the tube, too! 

Splashing in the waves was great fun, and a fantastic sensory experience for the little ones. I especially enjoyed holding Anna Claire's hand as the surf rushed back out to sea. Her little face was a mixture of expressions as the sand filtered out from underneath her feet.  Jumping the waves is a time honored tradition in our family. It's pretty cool to stand in the waves and hold our children's hands, just like our parents did with us.

Body surfing and boogie boarding were popular activities every day. It was great exercise and a whole lot of fun!

The kids seemed to form pods out in the ocean while waiting for waves. There is a line from the Patrick Swayze movie "Point Break" that kept running through my head: "Look at 'em. They look like some sort of tribe."  And from where I was sitting on the beach, they did look like a tribe! 

Look for more highlights of our Beach Blast coming soon under the tag, Beach Bummin'.

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  1. Looks like you all had a great time, Ayn, what a lovely way to get together & create memories for another generation.

    1. Thanks, Kierna! I hope that the kids will remember these times together as fondly as my siblings and I look back on our family beach trips!


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