Saturday, December 22, 2012

Santa-Tizer! A Quick and Easy Gift To Make For Christmas!

Here is a quick and easy idea you can easily make for a last minute gift. I made these this year as teacher/staff gifts and I'm making a few more to put under the tree for those "just in case" gifts. I think next year, I'll experiment a little more with them and add some white fur embellishments around the top and
bottom, and possibly think about laminating the outside label.

Initially, I made 2 to see how they would come out before purchasing all the bottles of hand sanitizer I would need. When I bought the bulk, I didn't realize the bottles were curved (ergonomically to fit the hand, I suppose). Be sure to closely check the shape of the bottles!

I printed the words "Santa-tizer" on red paper and glued it onto the bottle to cover the label. Make sure to match your suit label size to cover the packaging label completely.

I added a thin black strip of paper around the bottle for a belt. Use glue and ultra-fine craft glitter to make a buckle.

The friends and staff I made these for loved them!

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  1. This is a fun idea, Ayn. I can see this in my room next December for the kids to use.


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