Saturday, December 15, 2012

Trash To Christmas Treasure

We tend to use a lot of recycled materials in our class. We have two bins of lids that we use in our math center for sorting, classifying and patterning. Often, these lids make their way to other centers for various uses, like tracing shapes in art center. We cut out a tree shape out of previously used bulletin board paper and attached some of the colorful lids we came across to decorate it. Each day, the kids brought in small items they've rescued from the trash. As the days progressed, the tree began to fill up.

Our school chef, Ms. Christie saved us some of the tin foil to use as garland. 

We even have a few recycled Christmas bows for added bling! 

This little tree has brought a lot of color and cheer to our room and helped us turn some of our trash to a real Christmas treasure!

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