Monday, February 13, 2012

Have a heart!

This the season that hearts are everywhere. It's also a great time to think about heart health! I'm participating in a wonderful fundraiser for the American Heart Association called "the heart project", See the heart project post earlier this month for more info.

I am gearing up for our school fundraiser "Jump Rope for Heart" and I'm "Going Red for Heart Disease" every Friday this month.

In addition to the projects we've done for the e-book, decorating hearts has been a popular activity in our art center. My favorite valentines are always the sweet homemade kind.

If you'd like to donate $5 to the American Heart Association, you can click here and get a free copy of the heart project e-book as a thank you.

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You can order a printed copy of the heart project book here for $20.

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I'm giving away a free copy of the heart project e-book right here. Leave me a comment (with your email address) telling about your favorite Valentine card or gift between now and Monday, February 20th. On Tuesday, February 21, one random comment will be chosen to receive a free copy of the heart project e-book! 

**Winner will be drawn from random comments and notified via email. If the winner does not respond to notification within 72 hours, a new winner will be chosen.** 


  1. I love anything homemade :) My little 3 year old made me a Valentine and it made my whole day! (Even better than chocolates and roses!)

  2. There have been so many wonderful cards and gifts received from my little darlins'! It is hard to pick my favorite. I did receive some hand lotion with a foam cutout hand attached this year. It read "Hands down - You are the best teacher!" It was clever, thoughtful, and made me smile! Thanks for all you do for children, Ayn! Your love for your job and for your children is obvious! Your ideas are fresh and fun and when I look at your site, I can almost hear the laughter of your children while they are making memories and learning! Keep up the great

    1. Thanks, Becky, for sharing! You know that I think you really set the bar for excellence in early childhood, so your kind words mean so much! Thanks for hanging with me and keeping me "kooky" and inspired!

  3. I love anything that my son makes, especially the Valentines that contain his handprint in some way. Looking forward to your giveaway :)

    1. Kensey, handmade Valentines are always my favorite! I remember all the sweet paper hearts my daughters made when they were small. I will always cherish them--especially the ones with their little handprints! :)

  4. How could I just pick one of you? Becky and Kensey, I'm sending you each a copy of theheartproject e-book!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

    This giveaway is NOW CLOSED. Feel free to leave and comments or still contribute, but the giveaway has now officially ended.


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