Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sharing the Love from Pay It Forward

I am so excited! We received a lovely package from Flights of Whimsy filled with goodies from "Down Under" in the mail earlier this month. This package was part of Karen's "Pay It Forward" post. The idea was originally the brainchild of Sherry and Donna from over at Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning. I am thrilled that I was able to participate, too!!! 

My gift package included: a calendar with beautiful pictures of the animals of Australia, 

And an adorable little kangaroo holding the Australian flag,

We were thrilled to discover "Wombat Stew",  a fabulous picture book filled with animals of the bush!

We've been reading "Wombat Stew" and I'm practicing my Aussie accent and silly animal voices with each reading.

And.....a BOOMERANG!!!!

We spent a wonderful afternoon trying out boomerang throwing. None of us were successful in having it return to us when we threw it, but it sure was fun trying!!!!

Our class wrote this thank you note to Karen that will be in the mail this week:
Dear Miss Karen,
Thank you for sending us a wonderful package. We are enjoying the calendar and book "Wombat Stew". It is very funny! Thank you for sending a boomerang! It is very fun! 
Mrs. Ayn's class
I can't wait to "Pay It Forward" to 3 lucky readers in March. Be sure to check back and look for the opportunity to participate and Pay It Forward, too!


  1. So pleased that you and the children have enjoyed the package! :) xo


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