Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Afterglow

Okay, so it's February 15 and Valentine's Day is officially over, but our Valentine's fun is still going on. I want to share a few of our activities and some of the great ideas I saw this year in classrooms.

Yesterday, we made cards for our parents...

We tried to paint with melted conversation hearts. It was definitely about process not product! The colors were to pale to actually show up on the paper, but it was fun to try! 

We've had lots of math going on! We made patterns with conversation hearts.

We also estimated the mass of a heart using candy.

One of my favorite moments was when one of my little friends discovered that if she stacked the hearts, she could get a lot more hearts on there. It was one of those "little illuminations" that I live and teach for!

We played this cute little "Roll A Bug" game... 

We have a cute little jar that is filled with conversation heart candies. We make a class chart of our estimates then take them out and count them together.

In Writing Center, some of the friends made their name in hearts....

Our families made some FABULOUS valentine boxes this year...

They also sent in some VERY creative Valentines!

 A diamond ring!

 "I Dig You!" with a little shovel and candies!
This Valentine has all the "write stuff"! A paper pencil made from candy!

These owl cupcakes were too sweet not to share here!

One of the highlights of my Valentine's Day was when this little guy came in before school and wanted a Valentine's hug to start his day before going to our "before school" program. What a great way to start Valentine's Day! :)

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  1. Fun! I bought a bag of conversation hearts and totally forgot about it! I suppose it doesn't matter if I did it on Tuesday or if we are a bit late and do it on Thursday. ;) I also did a version of that roll a cute! I printed the roll a penguin one that we are going to attempt next week.


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