Saturday, March 3, 2012

Celebrating President's Day in Pre-K

As President's Day was last week, we learned a little about George Washington, Abe Lincoln and the early days of our country. Here are some of the activities that kept us busy.

Early in the week, I asked them what they thought a president does. We had read a little about George Washington, but hadn't gotten into Presidential duties yet. I love the answers they come up with!

What does a President do?
  • Fights with soldiers
  • Works
  • Fights
  • He's the leader of the USA
  • Protects the country
  • Speaks into a microphone to all the people
  Specifically about George Washington:
  • George Washington rode a horse
  • He wore a wig to fancy dances
  • Wrote a letter
  • Saved the bad guy's dog
We explored the presidents' faces on coins and talked a lot about coins. We did some crayon rubbings and made patterns with coin rubbings. It was fun to watch the presidents appear! We used an eye dropper to drop water onto coins and counted the amount of drops each coin could hold. It was especially fun to watch the bubble of water form over the top. One of our observations was that the water formed a mini magnifying glass of its own! We got out our magnifying glasses to get a better view! (Sorry the photos don't show the bubble very well!)


 We got out our microscope and examined a penny. We even found Lincoln sitting inside the Lincoln Memorial!! We cleaned some dirty pennies with ketchup. It was like magic! The coins came very clean with just a little rubbing! One of our favorite coin activities was sorting into piles. Some of the friends made patterns with coins, too!

After reading "Saving the Liberty Bell" by Megan McDonald,  we made these cute Liberty Bell replicas with disposable cups and tin foil.

We measured and compared our foot size to Abe Lincoln's foot. He had really big feet!

"Look Mrs. Ayn, I'm Abe Lincoln!!!"

We used pretzels to make log cabins like Lincoln lived in.

We made cute little George Washington and Abe Lincoln faces.

We had a lot of fun and learned a little about the history of our country!

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  1. I love your ideas! I'll definitely use this for next year!


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