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Jump Rope For Heart in PRE-K!!!!

As readers here know, February was filled with fundraising activities for American Heart Month. In addition to participating in the heart project here, my class participated in our First Annual Jump Rope For Heart Event, Pre-K Edition. We collected and raised funds all month for this event. On "Leap Day", February 29th, we held our event. Our company has 3 schools with 5 Georgia Pre-K classes and 1 private Pre-K class, about 120 students in all. We invited all the classes to our school for this wonderful day of fitness and fun.

Just  because the majority of our kids are not yet jumping rope, we didn't let that stop us from making this a great heart healthy event. We managed to come up with 12 activity stations that involved a jump rope in one way or another. For some activities, we simply used a jump rope as the finish line.

Tug o' War
Even the teachers got in on the act! 


Jump Over The X!
We crossed two jump ropes to form an "X" and placed cards with the numbers 1,2,3,4 in each section. The teacher called numbers in a sequence and the kids had to jump back and forth between spots.

We had a Limbo station set up with Limbo music. This was definitely one of the favorite stations!


High Jump Limbo
 Sort of a reverse-limbo. The kids took turns jumping over the rope as it gradually raised higher and higher. 


Hula Hoop Obstacle Course


Exercise Station
We used a Shawn Brown Exercise Drill to direct the kids in a mini cardio workout!


Bean Bag Throw
The kids tossed the bean bag as far as they could throw it. We marked the length with a jump rope. Everybody took turns trying to throw farther than the rope.


Long Leap
How far can you jump? 


Potato Sack Race
Since the point of the day was to have fun while getting a little exercise, it was perfectly okay for teachers to help out a little. We had several friends in the different classes with physical disabilities,  activities were easily adaptable for everyone!


3 Legged Race
Team work!!!


We had two stations that were inside, the Estimation Station and the Refreshment Station.

The Estimation Station
In the Estimation Station, kids guessed how many friends would fit inside a jump rope, then two jump ropes  formed into a closed circle. The kids then tried to see how many kids actually fit inside and then compared their numbers.

The Refreshment Station
Definitely a favorite station, but instead of being "heart healthy" this station made the friends "heart happy"! Nothing is better than a day of fun that includes popsicles! 

There were no losers --- everyone went home a winner! The point of the stations was to give each activity a try and have fun with our sister schools. I forgot to mention that it was also "Wacky Wednesday" of Dr. Seuss Week, so many of our participants were wearing their "wackiest wear"! The crazy outfits just added to the fun of the day! It was a lot of fun, and we successfully raised quite a bit of money for a very worthy cause. 

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  1. What a wonderful way to allow those not jumping to participate in this effort. I would think many of these ideas could be used to allow those with physical challenges to also participate.

    1. Thanks, JoAnn! Many of my kids can't jump rope yet and we wanted to to be a day of fun, not frustration. I do have 2 physically challenged children in my class and they were able to fully participate in every activity. I partnered with one of them in the 3 legged race so I could support her if she needed, and she did wonderfully! :)

  2. I love how active the kids are! I have a new lovely blog award for you! Come over and get it!

    Apples and ABC's

    1. Thank you, Michelle! I'll pop on over! I can't wait to check out our blog! :)

  3. What a great days fun everyone looks to have had, Ayn. I like your thinking outside the box, instead of saying we can't do this. I loved getting the chance to nosy around the outdoor spaces in the schools too! It's amazing for me to see scorched & parched grass when all I have is mud at the moment. Thanks for linking up this week, Kierna

    1. Kierna, I should be thanking you! You are a big inspiration in helping me to realize I hadn't been posting about our outdoor activities very often. We're outside almost every day and having lots of fun and imaginative play going on, I just never seem to post about it. Your link up helped "push" me just a little in the right direction! :)

  4. So happy to see your class helping out a great cause and getting outside and exercising while doing it!! My four year old loves obstacle courses too! Thank you for linking up to The Outdoor Play Party, and I hope you come link up again tomorrow!

    1. Rebekah, thank so much! I'm trying to be a little more "outdoor" minded with my posting. I'll be posting on outdoor activities more often and look forward to linking up again! :)

  5. Wow, what great activity ideas! Thank you for sharing!


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