Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day in Pre-K

St. Patrick's Day is always exciting! I was feeling a little blue because I wasn't able to fit in all of the fun activities we usually do when our themes last for more than a week. I don't think the kids noticed, though. There was plenty to keep them busily having fun and learning in our classroom this week.

They created various types of leprechauns throughout the week. Some friends made paper bag puppet leprechauns, some made "Shamrock People" leprechauns and others made leprechaun faces from paper plates.


These Shamrock People turned out really cute, especially "Angry Leprechaun Guy"!!!  They really made for some fun decorations to hang on our walls and bulletin boards.

There were learning games going on everywhere. This is a little board game was copied from a teacher book and laminated. We use classroom materials for playing pieces.

This is a shamrock pattern matching game with bottle caps.

In one of our small groups, my assistant played this shamrock letter matching game with the kids.


We made Fruit Loop necklaces. They are as much fun to wear as they are to eat!
(Yeah, you guessed it, we were playing with our food again!  ;)


One of the classes made these cute hats. They hung them from the ceiling during the week, then wore them at their party!

Some of the after~schoolers shared their St. Patrick's Day spirit!


We went on a leprechaun hunt all over the school. At the end, he left us a colorful rainbow to eat and a few gold coins.

He also left us this little surprise in our bathrooms, just to let us know that we missed him! He promised to come back next year. Maybe our luck will be a little better! I keep thinking of all the wonderful classroom materials I could get, if I just had that pot of gold!

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