Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Pre-K

GUNG HAY FAY CHOY!!! Yesterday was the start of the Chinese New Year. It's the Year of the Dragon! We celebrated the occasion by reading a story and making paper lanterns to decorate our classroom. The children chose either yellow or red construction paper and decorated it however they wished.

They folded the paper in half and traced lines with a ruler. The next step was to cut on the line, without cutting all the way through. This year's group has really struggled with cutting skills, so this was great practice. 

We stapled them together to make a cylinder shape.

They turned out pretty cute! Later, we punched holes in the top and ran string through the top so we could hang them up in our classroom. 

I discovered this wonderful little lift -the- flap book, "Dragon's Dance" by Joan Holub. It has great illustrations, easy to understand text and is quite informative, giving the reader a nice glimpse of families celebrating Chinese New Year. It was a great way to introduce the holiday traditions some children celebrate! 

Gung Fat Hay Choy! Happy Year of the Dragon!


  1. We're celebrating this next week as it coincided with Australia Day this year & being a male I can only manage one task at a time. Love the lanterns by the way.


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