Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pet Week Play in Pre-K

Since we've been learning about pets in our class, we decided to set up a pet shop in our dramatic play center and a veterinarian's office in our science center.

We've had some great play going on in both centers!

The "doctors" are in!

Some of us like to play pretend on a smaller scale.

We have also had a lot of fun with our movement activities, moving like various pets---we even played a partner game in which each partner set was an animal trainer and animal! Seeing these kids doing pet tricks was definitely one of the highlights of my week!



We love the Hap Palmer song, "Sammy", Greg and Steve's "Animal Action" and The Learning Station's "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?"! 
(Sorry, a link to The Leaning Station's "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?" was not available on YouTube. I highly recommend checking it out--it includes a variety of pets!)

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  1. I need to make an appointment for my dogs! Obviously the best vets in town!

  2. Great ideas, Ayn! Makes me miss my classroom . . . homeschooling has a lot of advantages but I miss setting up great centers like this.

  3. Lesley~ Obviously!!! And the rates are reasonable, too! A trip to the treasure box and your services will be rendered!

    Kat~ Maybe you could try a "mini-center"? You're right, though, we have a lot of fun changing our learning environment.

    Thanks, y'all, for the "comment luv"! :)

  4. My class also loves "Sammy"! They beg for it almost everyday. They also really like his "Freeze Dance" song :)

  5. We have pet week coming up in Feb as part of our community helpers themes. Great ideas. We set up a vet's office, too. Think we will add a pet store this year as well.

  6. Thanks for sharing! You have a lot of great ideas... When we do a pet theme we take a field trip to the pet store and we also have someone come from the Human Society. They will bring a pet to share with the children... It makes for a great "hands on" experience.


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