Saturday, January 28, 2012

Special Visitors for Pet Week in Pre-K

We've had some very special visitors in our class for Pet Week. We've been learning about pets and how to take care of them.

We had Alex the Yorkie visit...

And a Yellow Lab, Berkley...

We learned about the tack (or horse supplies) used to take care of a pony...

and got to see and smell the various types of feed that ponies enjoy.

We also met the pony who the tack and feed belonged to! Meet Midknight, the Pony!

Hannah demonstrated how to brush her pony and pick his hooves.

The children each got a turn to come up and pet the pony!

We love our pets! I am so thankful to have wonderful families that took the time to come and share their pets, especially the Marshall family, the Oldham family and the Pace family!

If you's like to read more about our Pet Week activities, check out "Pet Art" and "Pet Week Play in Pre-K"

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  1. I enjoyed seeing all the activities you planned for pet week! Thanks for sharing!


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