Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Perky Penguins in Pre-K

Last year during our "Polar Pal" unit, we made these "Marvelous Macaroni Penguins". 

This year we decided to make our penguins from our shoe prints. Each child traced their partner's shoe, and cut out the shape.

They glued a white oval to the shoeprint and added a few colored triangles and some googly eyes...

Some of these guys really have personality...

"Mrs. Ayn! These guys are like twins or something--- they have MOHAWKS!!!" 

Our Pre-K rookery is filled with wonderfully unique "Perky Penguins"!


  1. Thanks, Deborah! I love to see how a singular idea is interpreted by the kids--each one is so unique! :)

  2. These are fab Ayn, and I love that it is so obvious that the children made these by themselves.


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