Sunday, January 8, 2012

Children's Books ~ One A Day for 365 Days!

My friend, Donna, over at Irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning has been making a wonderful photo journal, posting one picture per day for 365 days. She set out a challenge for folks to join her. Several other bloggers/educators have joined in, including Lesley over at Takoma Park Cooperative Nursery School and Greg over at Males In Early Childhood Education.

I'm not a photographer, so I initially didn't consider participating in the challenge. After giving this intriguing challenge some thought, I've decided to share one children's book a day for 365 days. I am a fanatical collector of children's books, so what better way for me to participate, than to share a beloved book each day. Look for the Children's Books ~ One A Day for 365 Days! photo album on the little illuminations facebook page to see which book I feature each day. I promise to share some popular favorites, plus a few you may have never heard of before. 

Today's pick:

Mama Do You Love Me? by Barbara M. Joose

This is a beautifully illustrated story of a young Inuit girl who continually questions the limits of her mother's love, but learns a mother's love has no boundaries. 


  1. Love this author - thanks, Ayn. I cannot wait to see your daily picks.


  2. What a great spin on this interesting idea Ayn. Looks like we're all doing something a little different. Although I don't really have any visual with mine. I love how you've added it to your blog too.

  3. What a lovely idea! Would you mind if I joined you?

  4. Thanks, Barbara! I've already got some good ones in mind!

    Greg~ I figured if you could do something a little different, then so could I! I love your take on it, too!

    Stacy~ That would be sooo cool! Be sure to leave a link so I can check yours out, too! It will be fun to see what other books are favorites! Thanks for playing along!


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