Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby Chicks in a Nest

I made one of these this morning to put out at center time, and before I knew it, the kids all wanted to make one. They turned out really cute, and were a great sensory activity.  They got to shape the straw in a circular shape before gluing it into a rolled paper bag. I had a bunch of these bags already with the tops cut off, so we used those and just folded them down a little. They popped a pom pom in the middle and added googly eyes and a scrap of construction paper for a beak! Easy peasy! The friends had a lot of fun making these.

This would go great with Deborah Stewart's "Three Little Birds" song. We'll definitely be singing it tomorrow!

You should definitely check out more of Deborah's songs at Little Fingers That Play!


  1. awww, so cute! And I love how it just took off from centre time and you soon had the kids making them themselves.

  2. That nest and the birds are tooo cute! Perfect song and activity combination! I love it!

  3. I grew up in the south -- those look like pine needles. Am I right?

    Once again, very creative!

  4. The cutest idea that you have, I wish I am 2 years old and be your student :D
    I love this little cute chicks

  5. I think this is the first time visiting your blog. I love it! I will def be back. Going to go browse through your posts now! :)

  6. These turned out super cute!

  7. Oh Ayn so cute! We'll be hatching chickens at kinder a little later in the year, we'll definitely being borrowing this idea then. Thanks :) :)


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