Sunday, March 14, 2010

Communities of Sharing

I wanted to share 3 of the online communities that I belong to and take a minute to thank them for enriching my teaching and my life. I go to these sites to share ideas, chat with other teachers and see what others are doing in their classrooms. All are places I can go to share my thoughts and ideas without any judgment.  These communities have really changed my world in a profound way. I've met teachers and homeschool parents locally and worldwide, and have been inspired to try things in my classroom, that I hear about. I've also made some AMAZING friends, that I would have never had the opportunity to meet! Please check them out ~and maybe you'd like to join us! We love new members and sharing ideas!

Teach Preschool on Facebook
I am a fan on the Teach Preschool (by Deborah Stewart) Facebook page and love to see what Deborah is sharing. Deborah and I seem to teach similarly and I'm proud we've become friends. She truly inspires me daily! She always has the best ideas to share from the blogs she follows. She shares arts, crafts, pedagogy, classroom management ideas and especially her wonderful songs that she writes, produces and sings! There are discussions and opportunities to share ideas with other teachers. I also follow Deborah's blogs, Excellence in Early Childhood, Teach Preschool and Little Fingers That Play. If you have not become a fan of Teach Preschool on Facebook, and you like to share, please pop by and check out some of the awesome things you'll find there!

we teach
This is a new Ning group run by teachmama. I follow Amy's blogs and love to she what she is up to, as well. In just a little over a month, this community has grown by leaps and bounds. Amy has done an AMAZING job coordinating everything to make this a great forum. There are we teach sub groups of all kinds of categories, from "we teach special learners" to "we teach reading" to "we teach crafts" ~~~something for everyone! (There is even a "we teach, we're bloggers"!) Stop by, join in and come share with us! (And please note the new we teach buttons on the left hand side of this page!)

PreKinders Forum
This is a new forum started by the Prekinders site and blog and it, too, is awesome! It's still a small community, but growing day by day! I've gotten some good ideas from teachers here and tried them in my classroom. I love when I can read about something and implement it shortly thereafter! Also, PreKinders has been VERY generous and provided a forum area for Georgia Pre-K teachers, which has been a great way to connect and find out how they are managing all the requirements of our PQA. PreKinders also has a Facebook fan page, as well!

 Thank you Teach Preschool, we teach and PreKinders for everything you share! I feel very fortunate to be a part of these wonderful, growing communities. If you haven't checked them out yet, I urge you to take the time to do so. You'll be glad you did!!!


  1. Awesome!
    I also LOVE Deborah and all her sites!
    I've tried to get into we teach and prekinders, but haven't had a chance to really explore.

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  3. Hi Ayn,
    You are such a sweet friend. Thank you for sharing these sites with everyone. The We Teach really has grown and is an amazing site. And PreKinders has done an amazing job with her site as well. I have enjoyed running the Teach Preschool page and meeting all the amazing people like you and Marcy from the comment above:) Please excuse me for submitting twice, I messed up some the first time and wanted to do a redo - LOL! Thanks again for all you do and it has been a pleasure watching your blog continue to grow and be such a valuable resource to others!

  4. hooray! Ayn, you totally rock. Thanks so much for all you do--


  5. I love Deborah's Teach Preschool community too! I've never explored We Teach and I'm just getting going with PreKinders. Thanks for the prompt!

  6. I am a huge fan of Deborah's sites and We Teach. I am going to explore the Pre Kinders site and blog.

    The blogging community really is an awesome bunch - inspirational, creative and a wonderful way to network with like minded people.

    I have been reading your St Patrick's day post and was so excited to see the graphing activity from Teaching Heart. Tonight I was going to make a graphing activity for my little girl. I was planning for the leprechauns to visit tonight and they were going to leave bits and pieces in our sensory tub for my children to find and my daughter to graph. Instead, I will use the charms from the graphing activity you featured for a scavenger hunt and once we have found all of the charms we will graph them. I have also made a copy of your drawing a leprechaun activity. I think my little girl will enjoy this.

    Thank you for sharing your resources. We have had a rainbow theme going on for the last week in the lead up to St Patrick's day - we made some rainbow felt flowers, a rainbow 3D collage and some rainbow cupcakes which are all featured on my blog.


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