Friday, March 5, 2010

Little Authors ~ The Sequel ~

On Wednesday, I was so blown away by the book my student wrote during center time, that I wrote an entire post about it. Thursday morning, my sweet author came bouncing in the door of our center, with her book in hand. It had definitely seen some wear, but she was still proudly carrying it. "Mrs. Ayn, could I read MY book at circle time this morning? I want to share it and let the friends know they can write books, too! I'm sure they will really enjoy it!" This sweet child cracks me up because she is always using very large words and always very clearly enunciates every phoneme, plus she always uses a lot of inflection. I could listen to her talk all day, which is good, because she would talk all day if I let her!

At circle time, instead of going to her spot and waiting for me to call on her, she was waiting in my spot as the class moved over to the rug. "Mrs. Ayn, should I let the children know that I will be reading today's story or do you want to?" (Still cracking me up!)

At the end of center time, I had a stack of 6 student made books on my desk. Some of the friends worked tirelessly through center time so that they could have their own book. These kids are amazing! Four of the six books have narration, and 2 are wordless books. As a class, we make books all the time. This shouldn't surprise me that they would progress to the next level and make their own books independently, yet it does. I would like to share them all eventually. I think I might make some sort of slide presentation for them but most are on light paper with pencil illustrations, so they are hard to see. (I'm thinking like maybe SmileBox or something, any ideas?)

One of the books was so impressive I had to share it. The friend who wrote this one is very bright and came to me already reading in August having just turned 4. I apologize for the poor pictures, As I said, this friend chose drawing paper and pencils, so it does make it difficult to see.

Lydia Got To School On Time
By Dr. Seuss

Lydia got home from school.

Lydia's mom was here. She brought her home.

Lydia had a snack. It was goldfish.

Lydia took a nap.

She sat on the carpet. Her teacher played music on her Sonic radio.

The next day Lydia had breakfast. She fixed her hair.

Lydia got to school on time.
Her mom parked the car.

The End

The End

I hope to get the rest of the books uploaded soon as they are all awesome!


  1. This is great, but I have one question: does her mom sometimes have trouble getting her to school on time? =)

  2. Actually, this was written by a little boy---who is always on time! Our classmate has a sister who is named Lydia. My guy completely made this up after seeing Lydia in the hall after dropping her brother off. To me, the fact that it is purely fiction makes it all that more amazing!

  3. Wow Ayn,
    I would have loved to sit in your circle time and listen to her read the story. I can feel or sense your energy and enthusiasm about watching your children learn and move into this new interest of story telling and book making!

  4. This is a good one, they have a lot of imaginations. And you are so amazing that can organize their imagination become a storyboard :)


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