Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wee World Update

The boys planning their strategy. 

Thought it was time for a Wee World update. After my last post on St. Patrick's Day, the kids started to leave Wee World. A few would visit here and there, but they kind of felt like their job was done. One or two friends played there the remaining couple of days that week.

This week, I decided we needed something to develop some sort of new interest. I got a small basket of burger joint toys, and some old people figures we had in blocks. When we took them out, the kids had a blast using the figures for imaginative play. This was exactly what I had hoped for when we got this going. The neat thing is that they can be a little more boisterous that they are able to in the classroom. I hope this type of play will continue for a long, long time!

 Planning a secret bee attack!

 "You be the Mommy and I'll be the Grandma......"

I think they are really enjoying exploring new possibilities in Wee World. It has become very interactive. I got a new notepad this weekend for all the wonderful anecdotal notes I'm sure to get next week. (I know, always trying to work the assessment in somewhere!)

Thank you again, Teacher Tom. Without your wonderful idea and all your inspiring Little World posts, I would not be able to see all this wonderful learning in action!


  1. It seems like everyone is starting to figure out the same thing about our Wee Worlds/Little Worlds/Fairy gardens: you have to keep it fresh with new materials, just like any other "station."

    For instance, one of the boys told his mom that our Little World is for girls. I wonder what he'll say next week when he finds a collection of tiny construction vehicles there?


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