Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dr. Seuss Is On The Loose in Pre-K !

Dr. Seuss is on the loose in Pre-K! We started our celebration yesterday and will continue through the rest of the week. There are so many wonderful Seuss books, that we actually started reading them last week and will still have some left for next week. I wanted to share some of the cute things we've done so far. Since we are spending a week on Dr. Seuss, I am spreading out some of the activities, so the fun will last.

Yesterday, we painted brown paper bags with red and white stripes to make hats to wear today.

My model, so proud of her hat! Several friends asked if they could wear them even during nap!

This morning's group activity was to trace and cut out a cat head and hat, then decorate in any way the student wanted. Some of the friends really took notice of what the Cat looks like. We put these on our classroom door.

One friend was bothered that there was not a body to go with the Cat, so he made one so his Cat would be complete!

Please note the green on the paws are actually mittens so his paws won't get cold, just like the cat wears, but my friend decided he liked green mittens better than white ones, so that is how he made them. I love the back paws, or "feet paws" as they were called, on the bottom!

We are logging each Dr. Seuss book we read on the stripes of a Seuss Hat. The kids love to watch it fill up!

In one of our small group activities, I gave each student a small math mat of a Seuss hat. On his/her turn, the student rolls a die and places that number of manipulatives on a stripe of his hat. Once everyone's hat is filled, we count all the objects on each hat and discuss math concepts like who had the most, least, etc. We try not to focus on a winner---everyone is a winner in this game!

Another of the learning center games I made was a cookie sheet with a Seuss hat on it. The friends can practice letter or number recognition or make words with magnetic letters.

At circle time today, we practiced "making words". The friends were surprised to learn that by substituting sounds, we could come up with rhymes! Some of the rhymes were nonsense words, and some were "REAL" words. ( I was secretly thrilled that one friend recognized that even though "that" was substituting a blend instead of just a letter. "Mrs. Ayn, even though it's more than one letter, it rhymes. It counts as a real word, too!" So we added "that" to our list. The same friend noted earlier that in the case of "at", "at" was a word and it rhymed, so it had to be on our list, even though we didn't add any letters.) We were so excited that we put the -at words on a Seuss hat, too!

Tomorrow is Wacky Wednesday. We're reading "Wacky Wednesday" and "Fox in Socks". We'll wear our crazy socks and wacky hats and have big wacky fun all day.

This is such a fun week to teach. I've decided to make sure to save some of my favorite activities for later in the week. We'll finish our unit off with a reading of "Green Eggs and Ham", mixing blue and yellow paint, and making some green eggs and ham. I can't wait !!!


  1. I always get tongue tied with Fox in Socks. The part about Luke Luck licks lakes gets me every time. I do like to read the Tweetle beetle battle part, though. It makes me laugh. I am such a child. :-)

  2. Great stuff, Ayn! We are also doing some Seuss stuff. I should have a post up today or tomorrow. :)


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