Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Honest Scrap

I received this award from Deborah Stewart who has 

Teach PreschoolLittle Fingers That Play and Excellence In Early Childhood Education

I am a fan on her Facebook page, where she fosters an amazing community of teachers sharing with each other. 

Deborah selected the following recipients:

"Teacher Tom, Matt Halpern, Scott Wiley,  Danny Chiu - because they are all guys doing amazing work with young children and I think their blogs are super cool!
And for the girls….
Shara Lawrence Weiss, Marcy Fox, Ayn Colsh, Vanessa Levin, Karen Nemeth – because they are amazing early childhood educators and bloggers that go out of their way to support everything I do!" 

I can't believe I have been included in such prestigious company. These are ALL awesome bloggers and I value their contributions to our profession.  I am learning so much each day by connecting with the awesome folks in this community. A BIG thank you to Deborah, who shares selflessly,and brings us all together! Deborah, YOU ROCK!!!


The rules for accepting the award are…

“You have to first list 10 honest things about yourself (and make them interesting), and second — present the award to seven other bloggers.”

Okay, so here goes....

1. I have issues with wet wood (unfinished). This is a big joke with my family~ there are many, many jokes made about my aversion to wet wood. I even broke my toe a few years ago when my brother chased me around the kitchen with a wet wooden spoon!

2. I have a very large family. (VERY LARGE!) I have a brother and 5+ sisters (15 nieces and nephews) .....and we all get along!! We rent a really big house each summer and all vacation together!

3. When I first started working with children, I was told I would never cut it in the classroom.(But I'm still here!)

4. When I first met a few of my students from this year, almost two years ago, they really thought I was Rapunzel. Two or three still mention it occasionally. (I have long, red hair.... go figure!)

5. I don't tell my husband or my children who I vote for .... EVER!  I'm not generally a political person. I do have strong political feelings about some things, but I keep them very private.

6. I love crafts, but have very, very little natural talent. It's sad, really.  :(

7. I LOVE BASEBALL !!!! I don't necessarily follow the statistics of the game, but I love the game itself. I'll watch anything, any team from little league to MLB, I'll even listen to it on the radio! My favorite Mother's Day gift of all time was when my husband got box seats for a Braves game and arranged childcare for the kids. Go BRAVES!!!!

8. I am still  a rocker at heart. I may not be able to tolerate the noise level of a rock concert every night, but every once in a while, I can still let loose!

 9. I collect children's literature. Our living room is packed with bookcase upon bookcase filled with children's books. Finding a new one that I haven't heard before is a treat!

10. Although I can't sing, I was recently told that I am known as "the music lady" at our preschool. I play a lot of music and have a wide variety on hand usually.

Now, for the seven bloggers who I want to share this award with…

teach mama
Getting Messy With Ms. Jessi
Irresistable Ideas for Play Based Learning
Kat's World
miller moments
Inspiration Surrounds...Creativity Abounds
Once Upon A Day In Preschool

Of course, some of my favorites were listed with Deborah's, so I didn't name anyone she listed. This gave me the opportunity to share seven of the blogs I visit regularly and thank them for all they share!  


  1. Thanks, Ayn! :) You are such a great teacher...I don't know why anyone would say other wise.

  2. Ayn - your answers to the questions taught me a lot about you. Now whoever told you that you won't cut it as a teacher had NO clue what they were talking about! Long red hair huh? Awesome:) Oh, and my husband and I have very large families too - I love it! Thanks for posting all my sites - you did your homework:)

  3. First time facing the children, that I always remember. Sweating... But you, you are so multitalented. Envy you :)

  4. Thanks, Ayn! It's very nice to get a compliment from someone I admire so much!

  5. Hey guys, I only hang with the best! LOL! You guys are AWESOME!!!!

  6. Thank you so much! What a pleasant surprise. :)

  7. WOW Ayn what a lovely acknowledgement! We are thrilled to be placed in the same basket as these wonderful and inspirational people!

    Thank you so much for noticing us! :) :)


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